Sunday, October 3, 2010


My recall of the three steps of Awkward Pose is, as we ladies say, a steaming five-coil stinker. Time to get over self, get out the notebook, and commence to scribbling.
Bottom Line, Week Two: I never thought I would make so many core friends in such a short time. I see a few people who are always texting and/or talking on their social condoms, as my old friend Pete Enman called 'em, and I wonder how or if they are making any friends. I also wonder if the out-of-towners know how jeezus-expensive texting is if you don't have a package deal set up. We're talking severe cash suck here.
Interestin' . . . According to the cheapo analog scale, we've dropped approx. 4.6 kg, or 10 pounds, in the last two weeks. I have it to lose, but others, well -- let's just say my roomie Jayna can already scratch her backbone from the front. Bring out the bread and gravy, stat!

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  1. Bread and om om. I'd win our fancy little "log" in no time with that feast. That cheapo analog scale is the best purchase next to our other 10$ appliances, by the way. We have a 28 pound non-opened ice maker to prove it's accuracy.

    Scratching my backbone from the front? COOL! Next stop after this big white tent - Cirque de Soleil. Shows will be selling out in no time!