Monday, October 18, 2010

Checking in . . .

Week Five is about to commence. What to remember going in? That this experience, like all life-changing experiences, has the capability to bring out the best and worst in my character. Luckily the best is in the lead, but I can't forget that the worst is still galumphing on steadily, looking for an opportunity.
Fact: There are many, many characters at teacher training, enough to fill a library or two of novels. Fact: talking/blogging about the more colourful characters is fun and addictive. Fact: My mean side *loves* this addiction. Decision: keep that mean side on the leash, toots. Never forget that most essential of life rules: "Be kinder than necessary, because everyone is fighting his own inner battle." (Note to touchy readers: In this instance, "his" includes "her," mainly because I'm too goddamned annoyed by having to type "his/her" every single time to keep PC cops happy.)
Such a great weekend: Chores and enriching chats with the Fantastic Five (Bettina, Jayna, Jana, Heather, Chrissy), Farmers Market on Sunday where Oh! My! God! the fruit! the veg! the handmade "joolery"! the raw food! So much for discipline: I already know I'm going to have to buy that bracelet made from vintage typewriter keys. I've seen lots of similar bits before, but this one . . . ohhhhhh. Jane must have. Also: locked that Triangle dialogue! Kicked Anatomy's ischial tuberosities! Ate another "slow learner" taco (that'd be a squid who waited too late to learn what a net looked like).
Hello, Week Five, and welcome back to Himself. THIS LIFE IS GRAND.

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