Friday, October 22, 2010

Super Canuck!

Scenario: two women in Housekeeping are cleaning a guestroom. Suddenly a strange man bursts into the room, runs past them, grabs a laptop computer from the desk, and belts out of the room again. He runs through the parking lot, goes past the yoga tent, and just happens to run by . . . BA DUM BA DUM BA DUM . . . Chuck the Canuck!
Chuck is a tall, quiet man from the British Columbia interior (the garden city of Kelowna, to be exact). Despite his height, he does not call attention to himself, which to those of us sort of wary about the wilder British Columbia elements down here, is a welcome relief. Anyway, let's switch to the robber's point of view. There you are, having copped a laptop, making your getaway across the parking lot, when a six-foot-five-inch, lean and muscled man wearing only a pair of yoga trunks drops his mat and runs after you, barefoot. Now what the hell to do? Run to the silly fashion mall, yes? Tsch tsch tsch . . . you're just making Chuck's job easier.
Anyway, although Dom (who told us this story at last night's lecture) could not recommend Chuck's choices, he didn't hesitate to tell us the outcome: Chuck caught up with the robber, who dropped the laptop, and told Chuck he had a gun. Chuck said, in laconic Kelowna tones, "Yeah? Well, I've got the laptop." End of story, except for Dom reminding us that while there may not be too many guns in Canada, there are *many* guns in the USA, not only that, but Mexico's not too far away, either. Of course, the cheers for Chuck in the lecture tent kind of drowned out his closing remarks. Bottom line: DON'T F*CK WITH CHUCK THE CANUCK.