Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Posture Clinic, the Envy Generator.

Yes, I know we're all different down here in Yogaland. We have different strengths and challenges, varied experiences and desires. But hell, it's Week 6, so to phooey with acceptance. I've watched over the last month as fellow students in the posture clinics get really fun homework. Deliver your next dialogue like a Valley Girl. Sing your dialogue. Talk like a gangster. Teach students while performing the Triangle Pose.
Then there's my usual evaluation: keep looking at the bodies, and energy energy ENERGY dialogue. Sometimes I get extras, such as "Use your gifts," by which they mean my public speaking voice. But tonight the wonderful Pete F. got the assignment to deliver the Locust pose like an overstimulated kid talking to Santa Claus. My roomie, Jayna, wrote a hip-hop version of Wind Removing Pose that made her a star. And again I get to focus on the students, energy energy energy work on the energy crescendo, energy energy energy ARGH.
I *knew* this would be a workshop for the ego, and I was right. Evaluations can make people cry, after all, and some fret that they aren't being given the same comments by the judges panel. Answer: Because, as we know, good judges know to evaluate people, not postures.
But I do a not-bad Valley Girl! I could possibly be funny. I could also be self-obsessed, meaning that I just wish I could be as brilliant as certain classmates.
I could also be late for bed. G'night, yogi pals.


  1. For those of you who have been following Jane's blog, I am her roommate here at training. Jane has been nothing but a source of joy, laughter and pleasure to live with and develop a life long friendship. As much as she jokes about "energy, energy and more energy" in this entry, it is one of her greatest gifts. Whether it's taxiing people around to the laundry mat or grocery store, or helping with anatomy or postures, I will absolutely miss her smiling happy face in a few weeks. She exudes such positive light into others and does so without looking for anything in return. What a wonderful roomie I have, I am so fortunate tonight and always that our paths have crossed.

    Can't wait to take your first class, Jane!

  2. Well, likewise, young Jedi roommate. I couldn't ask for a better roommate, and not only because you have not killed me yet despite much provocation. Teacher Training has become that much more enriching because of the happy home life in Rm. 3566. Not everyone here is so lucky. I mean, we're talking "raining horseshoes" lucky.
    Thanks, eh? Jane