Saturday, October 2, 2010

Double the focus

Forgot to mention that I got Emmied and Bikkied consecutively at the end of the week. Emmy Cleaves, the legend, was teaching morning class, roaming behind the students as she tends to do. When I was going into Standing Head to Knee, I was concentrating on locking my chump left knee when suddenly I felt a bony finger poking my chump left thigh. "Contract that muscle! No! Contract it! You have to tighten the thigh muscle. Why aren't you pulling up that thigh muscle?" She moved on to another student and left me to my frustration. It's not that I can't contract the thigh, it's that I haven't found a balance between my normally hyperextended knee, and a solid concrete lamppost you have no knee IDIOT lock that f*cking knee!
The afternoon's lecture had Himself chatting about the connection between yoga and the body. I think. Truth to tell, I was deadly tired and kept doing major head bobs. Too bad I decided to sit in the front row. Too bad my bobbing head caught Himself's eye. Bettina had been gently nudging me, and she leaned in to whisper, "He's looking at you. He's looking at you, sit up!" Instead of ripping my lungs out through my chest wall, Himself said to my other neighbour, in kindly tones, "You catch her head if she falls. We need her head." I snorted to consciousness and saw him smiling quite warmly in my direction. I flushed red and looked sheepish enough, which was exactly how I felt.
The exhaustion wasn't the only reason I couldn't stay awake...I have the tiniest touch of *turista* at present, which always leaves me physically hollowed.
They saw me coming:Today I did a little shopping at Whole Earth, which I am sure is the corporate short form for "Holy Crap, I think these groceries are the most expensive on Earth." No, okay, Victoria's prices are still a bit higher. And they have nowhere near the same selection. I still have yet to try any of the restaurants at this resort because I can cook (albeit inventively with only a couple of small appliances) in my room.
Physical update: I believe my bum is about to get a petition started to force me to get a pillow to sit on in lectures, as well as declare October 4-10 as Be Kind to Your Behind week. Oh, the aching hip sockets. Oh oh oh.


  1. Oh - are you trying to stop your leg from hyperextending? You don't have to do that. Have Diane show you how to do it - she gives a good explanation. She'll be there in another week. She great cause she'll actually hang out after class and answer your questions. :)

  2. Phew, thanks! You know, this should be absolutely a snap, but because I'd been having hamstring issues, I was told to work on contracting my thigh muscles and not hyperextend so much. Because I tend to interpret things too literally, I've been putting too much focus on my knee, and not enough on tightening the thigh. Tomorrow we shall start anew, so again, thanks!