Saturday, October 9, 2010

Social brains are delicious

In Friday's anatomy lecture, Dr. Preddy took us through the nervous system and said, during the discussion on brains, that the more social the animal, the bigger the brain, usually. Then he entertained us with a story about a wily octopus in a marine research lab who had learned how to unlatch the lid on his tank, crawl out, slither across the floor, climb up one of the aquariums holding fish, and eat his fill. Then he'd climb out of that aquarium, slither back to his tank, get back in and RELATCH the cover. The lab technicians finally installed a web cam or two over the tanks (in addition to the cameras they had at the laboratory entrance), and that's how the octopus was busted.
A fascinating story. I have to add, however, that at The Taste of Thai restaurant tonight, in a sumptuous green curry sauce, what I ate was obviously a slow learner.

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  1. To the writer of this blog - do you think "sumptuous" is the best adjective to use in this instance? Orgasmic perhaps?... Damn that food was tasty. What a memorable night. You Canadians are just filled with fabulous ideas.