Monday, October 4, 2010

Uh-oh . . .

The roomie has a cold. By the sound of it, many people in the yoga tent have turned into flexible snot-bombs. The illustrious roomie is quite ticked that some strange rhinovirus has hitched a ride. "If people would only take care of themselves . . . " honk honk sneeze. It is quite irritating for her, seeing as how she eats extremely well and is in great shape, taking vitamins and supplements, and yet is still ambushed. As a compassionate roommate, I'm going to run for the hills and start wearing a SARS mask.
Posture clinic in five minutes. More later.


  1. I had a cold Thursday and Friday and was as good as new after Saturday morning's class. Not sure if it was a real cold, or just my body's way of detoxing. Many people are reporting similar experiences.

  2. I'll pass that along to J. She's really under the weather at present. Thanks, Chrissy.

  3. I swear people, I'm hydrating! I blame a certain French male who never changes his shorts to this petri dish outbreak. Jane, on the otherhand has been wonderful making me tea. Go, sweaty gazette master, go!