Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sanskrit for "You are Toast"

Ohhh....watching Mahabharat until 3:45 a.m. This followed the lecture from Himself, which followed the final exam in Anatomy. I passed the exam (though I seriously beefed about five answers, I think). Took some fairly garbled notes during the lecture, which is what happens when I sleep-write. For the discussion on Karma Yoga, one of my trailing-off sentences reads "Service is a duty which is thrilling! People cannot see."
On the Cranky but Evolving front: I may never be able to evoke much compassion for fidgeters, especially when they're sitting beside me and continually bumping me with various appendages. And when they have a fairly casual relationship with hygiene, my compassion absolutely plummets. Wash them duds, dude. The old clothes along with the smell of unwashed scalp, along with biffing me every few seconds? Not the most friend-winning of setups.
Never said these words before in my life: "Krishna is a babe." Well, the actor playing him was, anyway.
Oh, delivered Triangle Posture yesterday and had yet again an almost indecent amount of fun. My evaluation was to sell the posture from the get-go (I interpreted the "energy crescendo" literally and started with a measured tone and pace).
Two hours of sleep and a bit. Class in an hour and change. I'd complain, except parents and doctors and cops, etc., put up with this sleep deprivation all the time. By comparison, I'm laughing.


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  2. Canadian for "You Crack Me Up."

    Thanks for the much-needed laughs, today and often during my work week. :)

  3. I literally just pictured you yelling the dialogue and the room rolling. Thanks for the visual! ;)