Tuesday, October 26, 2010

If Town & Country Resort were a person,

I would punch it in the face -- hey. Hey, little old yogini, wherefore are you letting fools steal your peace? ("Nobody steal your peace. You give it to them, idiot!" --Himself, October 22/10.) It's more like fools are stealing my VISA and wifi. Short version: no wifi, why? Credit card declined. What? I cleared that card a little over a week ago and have used it twice for small things. Bank: well, then, who's been charging up hundreds of dollars daily to your card? Me: that's one damn good question. Bank: Oh, it's your hotel. Me: Huh? Hotel: We don't have any record of that, oh, wait, it's a software glitch. Me (expecting profuse apology): So how about reversing those hundreds of dollars of unexplained charges? Hotel (offering not so much as an "oops"): Uh, okay, but this will probably happen again until our I/T guys fix the software problem.
All very boring, sorry. And looks like "it's a software glitch" wins the "Dog Ate My Homework" excuse contest.

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  1. Wish I had a recording of your voice message to Nancy in accounting...I'd play it over the loud speaker for all your first time students. NOW GET IN YOUR POSTURE BEFORE I DECLINE YOU AND YOUR CREDIT CARD.