Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Again with the luck

I love anatomy. I love the study of anatomy so much that yes, I want to marry it. There's something about having to memorize names and functions of myriad bones and bits that makes the Know-it-All brain very happy indeed. If Trivial Pursuit ever comes up with an Anatomy/Physiology version, I'll plotz from glee.
It gets better: our anatomy lectures are presented by Dr. Jim Preddy, a man with way too many letters after his name, and he is a very funny, very practical instructor. "Put your pens down. I'll tell you when you need to know something. No, really: put them down." I've also never had anatomy lessons from a former varsity cheerleader. These lectures have been almost too much fun, and I'd better remember to spend a few minutes with the study guides before the first test on Monday. Such luck! Pity my seatmates for the next week or so, will you? "Will she never stop chirping out the answers?" Nope. She won't.

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