Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I am a teacher

The four words above are what I proclaim in my head just before I recite dialogue in front of others at a posture clinic. It's a habit I picked up when I studied the Meisner Technique in Calgary at the Company of Rogues acting school. Of course, back then I didn't say I was a teacher. Just before going on I'd say to myself, confidently, "I *own* this stage." A lot of actors use the same approach, so why not yogi-wannabes?
So, okay, I didn't get a chance to teach in last night's posture clinic, as we were still finishing people's Half Moon dialogues. By the time we switched to Awkward, four extremely enthusiastic students were rarin' to go. The judges had said to do the first part of Awkward, but when the first student begged to be allowed to deliver all of it, they agreed. Then three more students followed suit. Cut to Bettina and me, sharing a "We're in for it, aren't we?" look. But all four Awkwarders were great. The bar has been set, by gar.
Small followup: the oddball from last week, who's from Vancouver, was in our clinic last night, and when she got up to present Half Moon Pts. 2 & 3, it was again clear that she had practically none of it memorized. [It occurred to me that she might have some sort of learning disability, and while it's still surprising that someone signed her recommendation letter, I actually found her less annoying and more to be pitied.]
One judge, who is a recent arrival here and didn't know about Vancouver's shenanigans onstage last week, patiently asked her what she was doing to memorize her dialogue. "Whatever you're doing, I'm afraid it's not working." She recommended that the student work with someone else to get the dialogue down pat, and (eek) called for a volunteer. Newfound compassion, Janey? The hell: if you could've seen the cartoon bubble above the heads of everyone in my vicinity, it would've read "NO WAY." After an uncomfortable pause, another student, an older man, put his hand up. Bless you, sir.
So! Today's clinic is in the afternoon, and I can and will kick Awkward's ass. I am a teacher. I AM A TEACHER.


  1. Bring it UKA-F'in-Tasana.! Get them in and out safely, and sit back down so we can start this Eagle posture already. In all honestly, you have it. It is only one minute of your life, look at how much more you have accomplished since being here. All else fails - Spine Straight seems to be a common theme in this one. Rock it roomie.

  2. I just submitted my application for the spring 2011 session and in my excitement started googling madly for blogs from this fall. The first I came across was your's and after laughing so hard I cried at several posts, I realized you're rooming with someone from my studio in Falls Church, VA. Looking forward to following your hilarious posts and hearing the news on Jayna as well. Hope she, and you, are doing well! Thanks for the brilliant posts!

  3. Oh my . . . you both have made me blush with your kind comments. Thanks very much. Very cool that you know each other -- this Internet is a nifty thing, yes?

  4. Oh, forgot to say: Kendall, that's great that you've decided to become a teacher. I hope your experience is every bit as rewarding and eye-opening as mine has been so far, and more. [The term "eye-opening" you will find appropriate on those occasions when you're standing behind someone wearing baggy drawers during Standing Bow-Pulling Pose. TRUTH.]

  5. I saw your post about that. There have been a few Speedo Peek-a-boos and Ripped Pant Snafus in my line of sight over the past few years but a full on package shot would throw me right off balance, I'm sure. Do you know some people do naked yoga? *shudder*

    I'm coming out to visit teacher training (and see what the heck I'm getting into!) October 21 - 24 so hopefully I'll run into you in the hot room. I vow to wear my most modest attire. ;)