Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Jo

Our last Saturday class was taught by Jo, a woman who embodies loving kindness and compassion -- I bet the Buddha has her on speed dial. I was lucky enough, as was my study group, to have Jo as an evaluator in at least four clinics, and each time I was calmed and encouraged by her cheerful, peaceful glow. Yet Jo was no push-over; one student, who had not endeared himself to classmates with his couldn't-care-less attitude towards learning dialogue, tried to get away with telling the demonstrators, "Well, you are teachers, so you know what to do." Jo straightened up and said, gently but firmly, "No. You are the teacher. They are your students. You tell them what to do." Silent hurrahs were the order of the day among the other students.
Jo, to you, for all the help and encouragement you've given us, please accept my gratitude (and thank you for giving me the chance to let it off the leash once again). You are a grand human. I'll never forget you.

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