Thursday, November 4, 2010

Unsafe at any distance

Okay, yoga pals across the world: if you ever get the chance to take a yoga class from (or with) Fed Zanni, YOU MUST DO SO. But I warn you: your self control will be useless. Fed's from London, and is an actor, and is brilliant. There. He's pretty much a legend here in Teacher Training, not only for his amazing dialogue recall, but also for his limitless generosity in helping other trainees. Both times I've been in posture clinic with him, I've been amazed at his alacrity in helping us do our best.
There is, however, a dangerous side to Fed: his humour. At last night's lecture, Dom announced that a woman student had reported seeing a male student urinate outside the yoga tent during class. In a blink Fed was on his feet, saying, innocently, that he hadn't meant to do it, he couldn't help it, and he was very sorry. All this in his resonant, corner-reaching voice, with the most humble, angelic expression on his face. I was three seats away from him and instantly collapsed, honking.
This morning, Fed practiced yoga next to me, in the front row. Whenever Himself would shout "Are you ready? Yes or no?" Fed would shout "NO!"--again with a completely neutral face. Just before the second set of Camel, Himself repeated his familiar harangue about western women not having "the right grip" to keep their men. "Yeah!" shouted Fed. "Right on!" Meanwhile Jane tries to hold Camel while convulsing with mirth. Camelgasm? Not quite, but it'll do.
Fed, what a pleasure to have met you. I can't wait to see what you'll be up to next.


  1. Please tell me he's delicious. In my mind, he's delicious. :)

  2. Elle, this is dangerous territory for me, since I'm, you know, old, but . . . in a word, yes. But Fed-like, he makes fun of it (check out Fed Zanni on Facebook and see his profile pic). Quite an amazing man.