Monday, November 1, 2010

Bad Day at Bik Rock

Morning: Awake to a bad brain. How bad? Caveman bad. Class with Himself goes to 105 minutes. Jane not tickled, except for having run into Ida Ripley, the yoga champ and teacher from home. Hello, Ida! Now back to regularly scheduled crabby batface.
Afternoon: Another evaluator on the precious side. Not want. Do not deliver dialogue for Bow Pose because cannot get near podium. Where all keeners come from? Fine, I clap hands.
Evening class: Not sure if I practise yoga or buy cattle -- teacher talk loud, rough, too fast. First time ever that pranayama breathing makes angry. After class, Jane friend ask: teacher big scheisskopf, yes? Yes.
Late night lecture come up with Himself, not in tent but in ballroom. Remember bum pillow. Remember food. Try smile. Where smash-club at?


  1. Bigfoot try stay positive. So so hard think good.

  2. Bigfoot! Jane love this. Have much better brain today. Thank Elle.