Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oh, yes, I really could

Live here, that is. Because it's going to be hard to leave San Diego. I love this city. Friendly people, lots of creativity, and that salt-water thingey ... right, the Pacific. Irresistible, all of 'em. Drove up to Encinitas today so that two of my three companions could freeze to death on the loveliest of beaches, while attempting to nap. As a cement-bodied sweaty head I simply couldn't understand how two lean yoginis like Jayna and Chrissy could find the fresh ocean breeze a tad chilly, but then I was cavorting along the strand with the third pal, Heather, so didn't notice anything but the bright sun, the surfers, and the rolling breakers. Finally we turned around, walked back to the cryogenic duo, chipped the ice off their limbs and got them to walk back to the car. They admitted that the bright sun was lovely, once their larynxes had thawed enough.
Finally, FINALLY, ordered a burrito à la carte instead of a full meal presentation, and still couldn't finish the monster. Quite delicious, though. Yes, I'm going to miss the incredible Mexican food down here, too.

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  1. 2 Mediterranean women on a beach in Now I know why we love that big white tent so much. I shall kiss the floor tomorrow. Or maybe give it a quick high-5 (I'm not convinced they shampoo it anyways).

    Thanks for a fun outing, ladies! A great day all around, and watching the Pink Berry expressions on all of your faces 2 days in a row was just priceless!