Sunday, November 21, 2010

Random thoughts in Santa Cruz

"Buy new cooler:" the Bengali pronunciation of "binocular."
I nearly broke myself trying not to cry when goodbying Bettina, Jana and the mad Greek roomie, Jayna. Of course, I'm seeing Bettina in a few days, but the goodbye was to the whole experience.
Took the 101 north this time to get a little ocean beauty in my databanks. My spirit needed the serenity. First it had to deal with the terror of the monsoon-strength rain and surprise hydroplaning north of San Diego, and the "Uh-oh, missed the turnoff" moment in Los Angeles. But I found the damn road again, and soon the urban sprawl gave way to unbelievable coastal beauty.
Am I saving time, staying in Santa Cruz? Nope: this was an impulse route change. I really wanted to see one of my favourite cities again. Arrived just at sunset, so tomorrow I'll take a quick drive downtown before resuming the northward journey.
Drove approximately 8 hours, shorter than my usual day's drives, but I remembered that I was going on practically no sleep, not the best setup for an interstate drive anywhere, but particular not California. Oh, I do love this state.
The beginning of post-training perspective: realizing that the heartsoreness of the last two weeks was trying to tell me something. That another change is on the way, and it's not going to be easy. There's a goddamned bulletin. Relax, Laur, I'm not moving to Tegucigalpa or Ouagadougou. What it is, is basic Lord Jim: actions have consequences, toots. [Good thing I read that Golden Classic comic book way back when . . . saved myself some time in university.]
Possible plan: drop in at Santa Cruz's Bikram studio to say hello to Shawn, aka "Born Happy" from our posture clinics. Such a nice man.


  1. Jane I really hope we continue to hear from you as your new position as teacher takes you onto a new path. :) I've loved reading your quips... They usually fall right into my own mood at work. Nice to hear someone else speaks fluent sarcasm.

  2. Elle, doubtless you will get a posture-by-posture breakdown of my first class. Which, since I currently can't remember more than about 10 words of dialogue, is going to be on the interesting side. Still! I am to "trust the process!"
    Thanks for your kind comments over the past 9 weeks -- and I hope, if you're not already a Bikram yogini, you'll consider it some day. It's one of the richest life experiences I've had, despite my sarcasm. Keep in touch!

  3. Hey roomie! I was really excited to see that you continued the blog during your road trip home. Of course I'm thinking of you and our great times together. It feels like we were abducted by aliens and returned back to earth.

    Safe travels, let me know how the first class goes!