Saturday, November 27, 2010

It Had to Happen

I spent the morning before my first class alternately crying and doing farm chores. Crying because I wanted to feel more confident about my dialogue before teaching my first class, but knew I hadn't practised enough [and doing farm chores because those danged beasts will keep eating and crapping.] Of course, no surprise, the more spazzed I became, the fewer lines I could recall. Finally it was time to get the lycra on, get in the car, and drive to the studio. I was greeted very warmly by studio staff, and the wonderful Owl was there to give me a few tips on microphone use, etc. What I liked was that no one was making a big deal of it being my first class, but rather treating it like an everyday occurrence. Yeah, here's your mike, there's the podium, see yez in 90. Oh, and don't fuck with the thermostat.
The ever-kind Peter also came to my first class -- since he was my first Bikram teacher a year ago, I was really touched to see him in the studio. Owl continued her wonderfulness by practising directly in front of the podium so I could look to her for cues if I got stuck. And yes, I did get stuck a handful of times in that first class, but I watched Owl quite carefully and, while I may not have been reciting verbatim dialogue, I had enough of it to get students in and out of postures. Got one posture out of order, but the experienced students piped up (bless 'em), and I nearly forgot Wind-Removing Pose, but again with the pipe-ups from the very patient class. At the end of the class I had only gone four minutes over time. To Owl, Peter, and every one of the students there: my most heartfelt thanks.
My second class was early this morning, 7:00 a.m., about 16 or so hours after my first class. It was a delight, although I have to lock down the text a bit more: my Locust postures were really only "dialoguey." Still: no one died. I had another dozen or so very kind, smiling students, and I relaxed enough to remember more lines. I still don't think of myself as a yoga teacher the way I think of the others at the studio as teachers, BUT: I've got Class #3 tomorrow night, and will start my day by taking my first class from Bettina, She Who Kept Me Mostly Sane during Training.
Full circle: yoga-loving student to teacher trainee to teacher of other students. I wrote down, during one of Himself's lectures, a line he frequently recites: "There is no yoga "do." There is only yoga "try," because you are constantly learning." The yoga counterpart to Yoda. And so I'll keep trying and learning. Thanks again, everyone.


  1. Wow Jane, this is so exciting!! I bet the classes are great and am also positive that once you loosen up and start sharing those pearls of wisdom you've got, with your students, your classes will be brilliant!!
    Thanks for everything you've shared here, it's been such a pleasure. I do hope this isn't the end of it....
    Wishing you all the best!

  2. Jane, I am so proud of you. You give me inspiration (as usual!) as I come face to face with countdown time this week. I was pulled up to do half moon today and it went great, but I want to crawl under a rock this week as the real 90 approaches. Help me roomie! :)

  3. I have NO doubt you are one KICK ASS teacher. If I ever make my way north to Canada, I am tracking down your studio and stalking your classes! :)

    It was such fun following all of the 2010 fall teacher training blogs, yours in particular. Congratulations on coming full circle. :)

  4. You have to like anyone that would try and spread widom and ancient teachings via yoga. I hope all goes well for you. I did a little piece on the "boys' that might help some of your audience.
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