Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Morning, and . . .

Back: Still locked. I just wish I could lock my left knee like I can lock my lumbar vertebrae. Going to phone for a massage, I think. Silly back.
Roomie: Amazing. Fabulous. Surprised me with a gift last night of a psychedelic head scarf and a joke book titled "What Would Jane Do?" Naturally I got all teary. Thanks again, Jayna, you mad Greek, you. You're the best yoga roomie that ever there was.
Fabulous Five: Tore around Hillcrest and University Heights. Laundried and groceried. Invasion of Old San Diego accomplished with minimal casualties. Attended an art exhibition late at night, because we are spontaneous and addicted to unique jewellery.
On today's slate: yoga competition, featuring a study classmate. More yoga outfits on sale. Talk of an outing to yet another yoga togs supplier. How much spandex can one person have who is not a member of an '80s metal tribute band? We shall see.
Rumour, good or bad? If it's about Dr. Preddy coming back for our graduation next Saturday, then it is a very good rumour. I'll try to indulge in it sparingly. No expectations! But it would be lovely to see him again. [UPDATE: It's true, it's true! The man himself replied to a FB query and said he'd see us all on Saturday. Excellent news.]

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