Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pack your suitcases each other

Packing. The Mazdad isn't going to know what hit it.
So that's it, then. Graduated yesterday, and enjoyed a classic Himself moment: as I posed for my picture with Himself, I said, "I'm never going to forget you." Himself: "I know!" Graduation took place on the rainiest day in nine weeks, and yes, I enjoyed seeing everyone in real clothing, posing for pictures with friends, introducing new lifetime friends to family members.
Didn't sleep much at all. Fretting about the drive (terrible weather up north, and who didn't get the snow tires put on in mid-September? Who couldn't think nine weeks ahead? -- right, me). Fretting about not remembering the dialogue for the 26 'n' 2.
Packing and crying, of course, at the end of an unequalled experience. It had to end in order to qualify for an experience, I realize. Ow. Heart hurt. Must return to packing.
See you all. And thanks.


  1. Howling with laughter - what a perfect end to your 9 week journey with the boss. Absolutely classic. (I wonder if he has seen Star Wars? Very Han Solo.)

    Congratulations. Really, truly. The crying and clapping do have to end at some point, and then a bunch of other stuff happens. I'm excited for you. :)

  2. Congratulations Jane!
    I wish you a safe journey home. I'm in Spokane, WA and we are getting DUMPED ON! I saw on the news -14 F this week. Drive Safe Jane!