Monday, November 15, 2010

Nicely done

Mad props to Schuyler and Anabelle from my study group, who competed in the Southern Cal Yoga championships yesterday. It was enjoyable watching them and other teacher trainees move through 5 compulsory and 2 "freestyle" postures. That's the first championship I've ever been to, and if you ever want to see a crowd of about 500 people turn their heads in irritated unison, forget to turn your cellphone off. The sinner, who apparently didn't hear Dom's repeated requests to turn all phones off, was a grandfatherly type, so escaped being pulled into Balancing Stick position by those around him, but it was a close one.
Sunday evening saw the Fab Five back in La Jolla for a Lululemon open house. Several trainees were there trying out their new teacher discounts. Three of the Five bought various apparel. I didn't because I've always felt the clothing was horribly overpriced. A shirt for $78? No thankee.
So it is the last week here at Teacher Training, and for me, anyway, feelings are mixed. I recall that they were likewise mixed before teacher training started, so at the very least I'm consistent. This week should see us learning important teaching details, like timing our dialogue delivery so our classes stay at the 90-minute mark. I'll also be dealing with a very full heart (and sweaty eyeballs) for the next while.


  1. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one riding the Lululemon train. I live in a bubble that includes $15 Aspire bicycle shorts, so wearing anything that costs much more than that to an exercise class is a bit baffling to me. Then, again, I REALLY live in a bubble and don't even know if I've seen Lululemon clothes, so maybe I shouldn't talk out of school ;-)

    Good luck with that dialogue!

  2. I feel the same way about Lululemon clothes... I have a couple pairs of (steeply priced, I admit) Shakti shorts, but I didn't own *any* workout wear when I started Bikram, and I still wear them six years later.

    "very full heart and sweaty eyeballs" - hang in there, Jane. xo