Friday, September 17, 2010

Practising, practising

I have stuck bits of paper to my dashboard with Bikram dialogue printed in block letters. If you were to drive alongside me on the I-5 and take a glance, you'd see me talking away animatedly about head up, chin up, spine straight, etc. The only trouble is that while concentrating on the road and glancing at the script, I can't appreciate the beautiful N. Californian scenery. I think I'm in Willows, at the local Starborgs. There's something about this part of CA, flat farm landscape, driving to the big city of Sacramento, that is reminiscent of driving between Edmonton and Calgary. Vast countryside with distant city buildings.
Life in Vaudeville notes: got stuck in an elevator at the rundown Ramada in Redding last night, with a pizza. No harm done, and I didn't even snack. Note #2: I was delighted with the video Bettina took of me practising the Bow Pose with the expert Bikram instructor at the Sept. 12 clinic. The same instructor who asked that the video be removed from Facebook forthwith. Heh. I hope no lasting harm is done, since the instructor [whose name I am now too cautious to post to my silly blog] is going to be in San Diego, teaching us both. The video's down, we promise. Sorry about that.

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  1. Hehe. I know who that was. Don't worry, she's not gonna hold it against you. She just thinks that some things are better transmitted in person! (Which is a fair point.) I, too, have occasionally been called out for being overly enthusiastic in my Facebook postings. ;-)