Monday, September 20, 2010

It begins . . .

Registration and Sign-in Day was yesterday, and there was the requisite waiting and wondering, but I personally didn't find it all that aggravating. I'm pretty impressed that the Bikram volunteers have done as well as they have, since apparently this is the biggest contingent of students so far, 382 of us. All of them in goddamn line ahead of me, too.
Today was the first real day of what is jocularly called "Vacation Week", don't worry kids, it's going to get much harder and by week three, oh my god the screams . . . ANYWAY. We had a morning welcome/rules/FAQ session, where we met and were welcomed by Bikram Choudhury himself, wearing a pair of 25-yr-old shiny pants to keep himself aware of his waistline. Then, in the afternoon, a media event/ ceremony with the Mayor of San Diego (who failed to stay and take class, nice one, Your Worship Chicken), who proclaimed it Bikram Yoga Day and clipped the ribbon to open the studio tent.
THEN: the first class with Bikram at the helm. I succumbed to a little fretting and despondency at the start, but then I tend to do that most sessions I take. I knew at the end that I would have the usual bliss cascade, so stayed on target. Wobbled, but stayed. Now to stuff some food into the head, and practise dialogue with the chums old and new.

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  1. You had me ROARING with laughter at Bikram's "25-yr old shiny pants." That's our boss!! Thanks for the great post. I just graduated from the last training and I'm looking forward to following along with the new batch of trainees!! xoxo Juliana