Thursday, September 30, 2010

Owl, you should have bet money on it

A yogi from my home studio, the incredible Owl, had warned me about the Q&A sessions in Teacher Training lectures, that among the real questions there would be the inevitable "Talking to Hear the Sound of Their Own Voices" people. I think it's something about seminars that brings it out, personally. Owl added, "Oh, and you're going to get someone asking something silly like 'Why is it that everytime I do Camel Pose, I have an orgasm?' "
This time the question was about Eagle Pose, but the asker was a woman who wanted to know if it got you randy or if it was more about stimulating the reproductive system. My god, but Emmy Cleaves is a patient woman. Anyway, Owl: you were right. At least it wasn't a Q&A at 3 a.m.!


  1. Love love love your blog!
    Rooting for you and eagerly looking forward to more witty, down-to-earth, no-bs posts (as they've all been so far)!

  2. Thanks, Keren, for those very kind words. Do you also have a blog? If so, can I add it to my bookmarks? Thanks, Jane

  3. I love eagle pose. It’s a great upper back and hip stretch. My yoga instructor, Leeann Carey says that it is one of the best balance poses. She has a free yoga video on eagle that you should really check out: