Monday, September 20, 2010

Jane’s Bikram Yoga Coping Mechanism

Conversation at dinner Saturday night with Chrissy and Heather from Toronto, Bettina, Rhiannon and I from Victoria – stick together, Canada! Woot! – great fun. At one point the others were talking about their least favourite poses in the beginner series. Some didn’t like Standing Separate Leg Head-to-Knee, others didn’t like the Camel – but I didn’t join in right away, namely because I don’t hate any of the poses . . . well, at least I don’t hate them since I’ve classified them into my own order of difficulty.
I’ve divided the Beginner Series class into the Five F’s: the Firsts, which are the breathing and first three poses before the official water break. The Fuckers, which are the standing balancing poses (Standing Head-to-Knee, Standing Bow Pose, Balancing Stick Pose, etc.), which, as I am flat-footed and klutzy, I find incredibly challenging each time. The Fun Ones, which are the Cobra, the Locust, the Full Locust and the Floor Bow. The Favourites, which are the Fixed Firm, the Half Tortoise, the Camel and the Rabbit. Then the Finals, which are the Head-to-Knee with Stretching pose, the Spine Twist pose, and the cooldown breathing.
Damn, that’s only 25 poses. Oh, forgot the Wind-removing pose, which I guess could be called the Fart pose (not that such occurs during the practice, thankfully), and would be called that if I were 11 years old. So the Six F’s, then? Nah . . . I guess Wind-removing gets to be one of the Fun Ones. In fact, the more I practice, I've noticed that what used to be Fuckers are starting to get fun. I'm still one entire wobble during Head to Knee, but I'm cracking myself up at the same time.


  1. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Fuckers got me good. :)

  2. LOVE the six "F"s. This is classic! Thanks Jane.

  3. I think you mean Locust, not Lotus!

  4. Oops, you're right! I did mean "Locust," and have made the correction. Thank you!